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About Flux Studios.

We're based in London and we've been running specialist jewellery centre in London since 2008. We provide opportunities for anyone wishing to explore, extend  or develop jewellery making skills. Flux Studios is home to our membership-based collective of professional jewellers who work together to share knowledge and skills, and to develop their independent jewellery businesses.

In providing a home to both aspiring professional jewellers and the interested public we have evolved a holistic creative studio environment where the individual skill sets of all our users are valued and shared to enrich this community as a whole.

Flux offers a fun and stimulating, creative and professional environment for you to flourish.://fluxjewelleryschool.com/

Apply for Flux membership to join our community of exceptional jewellers Jewellery design and concept is central to our work. Flux membership gives opportunities to explore these ideas

Read reviews endorsements of current members and what they think.

"It's really hard to find such a beautiful place to work without any sign of bad attitude, I don't think I've ever come across a more knowledgeable jeweller who is also a great teacher!" 2013 Macha

"Flux studios is a community with shared values, strong support and quiet ambition I became a member early on at Flux. I had recently gone part time at my work and Flux offered me an opportunity to develop my jewellery making skills. I was not sure where I was going with it all at the time, it was a hobby that I liked a great deal but had been unable to spend time on due to the pressure of work. I liked it immediately. Vicky set the tone by being very friendly, open and generous with her help and advice. I found my work gradually began to change as I settled in and began to absorb the atmosphere of the studio. There is an unspoken expectation at Flux which exerts a quiet influence over your activity and raises your ambitions. I do not think I would have developed in the same waymas a jeweller if I had not joined. The studio does not just have an ethos which inspires you – it has soul as well." 2013 Maggie Laing


"After graduating from a jewellery degree last year, I suddenly found myself in the difficult position of finding a workshop which was both local and affordable. When I went to see Flux Studios I immediately felt that it was perfectly suited to my needs and noticed a brilliant creative buzz in the surrounding atmosphere. Sharing a workshop with a variety of people is fantastic - advice and opinions are always available. I've also found Vicky to be a great mentor which is an added bonus! For me, Flux has been the perfect transition from studying at University into setting up as a jewellery designer."   Suzie Byatt

"I was delighted to know that I could have an affordable way to continue my jewellery activity after finishing college. At Flux we have a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where people with different backgrounds can learn from each other and also share experiences and the passion for jewellery, design and craftsmanship." Cris Costa


Flux is innovative, practical and very friendly, it is a wonderful place to make jewellery. I first started at Flux studios as a previous student of Vicky's.  The Flux courses were inspiring and taught me much more than I could have imagined about new techniques such as stone setting , working with steel and silver, etching, delft casting, etching, box work and marrying of metals to name a few.  It was just addictive and I couldn't wait for the classes each week.  They were great fun and informal but always with a purpose to improve and make better and better jewellery. The Students became good friends during the courses and often came back term after term.  I discovered a passion for jewellery making through the enthusiasm of Vicky and her wonderful teaching.  I was then lucky enough to become a full time member of Flux Studios two and a half years ago and it has changed my life completetely!  As a member I am now even more inspired by the other members, we share new techniques and products and often discuss ideas.  We visit galleries together and most of all we have become very good friends. Bev Holden 


Flux studios is a friendly, supportive and creative collaboration of individuals, working side by side and sharing their knowledge with the local community. I joined Flux having just started my jewellery business on a full-time basis and it was an alternative to working at home on my own, & it is definitely the best decision I could have made for the stage of business I was at. Flux, has offered me a great starting block. Although members are all independent jewellers, we are also collaborative, it is great to be able to work side by side and be able to share our knowledge and specialist skills. I have also been given the opportunity to teach on the beginner's jewellery classes, which I have now been teaching on for over a year; it has been extremely rewarding and has subsequently built my confidence in my own skills. I get on really well with all the current members and there is a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Alex Yule


I joined Flux studios as a member after having taken classes there and learned lot. I was interested in finding a jewellery workshop to start creating jewellery and start up as a full time jeweller. Flux was the most affordable and best set up studio I could find. With its equipment, it meant I didn't need to invest in large machinery whilst I was getting set up. Flux also has a fantastic group of Jewellers who are members, so you have a network of individuals who you can bounce ideas off and share problems and resolve them. It is a welcoming and wonderful place to work. Flux studios It is a dynamic, friendly and inspiring place to work. Ilona Guest


Flux studios is a c reative shared jewellery studio offering an inspirational and friendly working environment. Its a great creative environment.Thanks to rich library in studio I have been able to research new techniques and solutions for many problems that appeared while making jewellery. Also I have been able to learn very valuable tips and practical information from other members/jewellers. There are also classes and courses run by the studio and I was able to join an etching course that enriched my practise. The courses are run by professional jewellers and offer a great opportunity to learn many aspects of jewellery craft and design. Flux studios is a very friendly place, where people with same passion meet and exchange their knowledge with generosity. My time in here means a huge progress in my making skills, brand development and marketing. Barbora Rybarova


Flux Studios is a uniquely vibrant and enriching centre for silversmithing situated in the heart of Camberwell's artistic community. Its is also a warm and welcoming environment to work in, with a wide range of makers working side by side, from beginners to experienced jewellers. The ethos is one of support and enrichment for all designers, whichever level they are working at. This ethos, combined with the mix of abilities and experience of makers, gives Flux Studios a uniquely dynamic and stimulating creative atmosphere in which to develop as a maker. The silversmithing equipment is very good and the studio is large enough to comfortably have a number of people working in it. In addition, there is an extensive jewellery library with a cosy seating area for relaxing in, adding to this warm and supportive community environment. Claire Hart


"I have been making jewellery for several years, mainly through attending evening courses. I heard about the Flux studio through a friend when I started to work part time. I wanted somewhere that I could go for about two days a week which would give me the chance to develop my craft and work with other jewellery designers. Becoming a member at Flux studios has been a very good move for me for a number of reasons. Firstly, the facilities are very good. It has an open plan layout with plenty of workspace and light. It is very generously equipped and it all works so you do not need to bring anything yourself ; it's all there. There are also coffee/tea making facilities, a load of books and a sitting area. Secondly, it has a really nice atmosphere, friendly, open and, very important for me, supportive. If I have technical problems, help is always on hand. In fact, it is more than just help but rather a genuine interest in your work and how you might develop it. I like this feeling of being free to go my own way but at the same time I can get feedback and advice from people whose advice I respect. It's exciting to be in the company of creative and talented people and as a result, I think my work has moved on since I joined."   2008  Maggie Laing


Jewellery design and concept is central to our work. Flux membership gives opportunities to explore these ideas Join the Flux Studios membership scheme to take advantage of networking and community activities to promote and exhibit your jewellery collections