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Jewellery Classes and Jewellery Courses at Flux

We now list all our jewellery courses and jewellery classes on our dedicated Flux Jewellery School website. Please follow this link to see our full list of courses for the current year.

Flux Jewellery School

Flux Studios. Learn to make and design silver jewellery. Examples of work by students. Read course reviews and temake rings, pendants, bangles, earrings brooches, chainsstimonials here. learn how to set stones and design great jewellery recycle your old jewellery and turn it into something really precious!

'If I had to chose one word it would be "fabulous" . The tutors are an inspiration. They provide a great deal of individual attention and are always encouraging. We have learnt a wide range of techniques and it has been enormous fun. I am dreading the end of the course and hope to keep attending flux on an occasional basis. My 9 year old daughter and I attended a one-off Halloween themed workshop last weekend and had a ball! Finding Flux is the best thing I have done in years.' Chris, 2013

'I came across Flux Studios. It sounded less flash , more serious yet more relaxed and a lot more professional than a lot of the other places What I didn't anticipate was finding not just a studio to meet my practical and creative needs but more , much more...Vicky is an incredibly  talented and successful jeweller and yet is always open about sharing her techniques . Having the opportunity to work alongside professional jewellers is not only instructive but inspiring . The individual attention, respect and support is so encouraging and the atmosphere so relaxed that I can spend an entire day there and not spare one thought for the daily worries of the outside world.
I am loath to lavish too much praise because one the many charms of Flux is that it is not huge and the groups are small . Flux is a very special place with a lot of equipment and a lot of integrity.' Juliette, 2013


'..There are loads of opportunities to see really interesting and often extraordinary work, and ask questions of the makers. I liked your small but perfect library and how open you are to the ideas, often quite incoherent, of ambitious beginners! I am also impressed by how regularly you offer free courses to Southwark residents, which shows a genuine commitment to your local communities. Having been to one course, it would never had occurred to me to go anywhere else, as the atmosphere and ethos of the workshops so chime with mine!' Helen, 2013

"Attending classes at Flux Studios is opening up many new avenues for my own jewellery design. The expert advice and tuition from Vicky...her attention to detail is second to none as she continually encourages her students to reach their full potential... and the access to superb equipment, in a friendly and ordered working environment, have all boosted my own creative output and confidence as a designer. Flux Studios is hard to beat on high quality of teaching and facilities, combined with very reasonable cost of courses." Claire 2013

Learn to make and design silver jewellery at Flux Studios Read what our jewellery  students have to say about their experiences with us Students on our jewellery courses and workshops have great funwhile also getting creative!
I really enjoy going to Flux Studios to make and design my own silver jewellery. The studio is very well equipped and there are resources to inspire you, such as the library. It's great to have such an experienced and enthusiastic teacher to discuss your ideas and help you to build the knowledge to guide you through your designs. I have learned so much and been very inspired from being a part of the class and it's great to share ideas and learn from the other students. Everyone is made to feel really welcome. The studio is set off the road within a courtyard so it's pretty safe for cyclists locking their bikes! Lynn 2012


"The studio facilities are fantastic! You don't need to buy anything to start the course, I was able to start the course as the tutor is very flexible for making up the time you miss. Moreover she is excellent tutor! "  I V,2012

short specialist jewellery making workshops at flux We're in partnership with Southwark Council to provide great creative courses for local residents. Extend your creative skills on one of our jewellery making workshops

"Having studied with Vicky for two years at Lambeth College, I thought I knew what I was getting when she set up the studios in Camberwell. I was totally unprepared for the purpose build jewellery studios and how it made making things a pleasure, and easier than it was before. Vicky's patience is endless and her knowledge is constantly ready to help me challenge and guide, without too many restrictions. As a 'good' teacher always should.  If you are even thinking about dabbling in the art of Jewellery design I don't think there is a better set-up / teacher to help you realise your dreams." SL, 2011


"If you are think you are creative, and like to learn when having fun this is course for you! If you are experienced and need guidance and inspiration this course is for you too! I could not wait until my Tuesdays lessons, to meet all students, to see what new techniques and jeweller`s secrets we were going to learn. This course thought me not only the manual side of the craft, but also how to transform my thoughts into a beautiful object. I have enjoyed that time so much! It was nothing better than meet with all students every week and work together. Such a pleasure to compare different point of view, tastes, imaginations especially after going to exhibitions or presenting finished items a front of all calls." Kinga

"Patient and knowledgeable... Excellent value for money. The course allows you to move your skills on to the next level through one on one tuition and plenty of practical time. The tutor encourages you to be independent and stretch your creative mind to do something new and different for each project. Like minded people with a great atmosphere. The tutor encourages you to learn from each other as well. Great fun.. you will look forward to each session!" Debilishy

Some of our members at flux began as jewellery students with us All our tutors are practicing jewellers and members at flux Studios Make your own wedding rings at Flux

"Top rate teaching...This course is excellent value for money and stands out from the rest. Vicky Forrester is a brillaint tutor - ensuring that each student is equipped with the necessary skills, technique, confidence and inspiration to make jewellery for life! Excellent range of equipment; everything that you would need to make jewellery with precious metals and stones effectively and safely...An informal friendly atmosphere... no stuffyness here! A great way to meet new people and share friendships, jewellery making tips and test out ideas." Beth

"Vicky is a fantastic teacher, who successfully manages the balance between class demonstrations & instruction with individual direction and advice, whether it be practical issues, design frustrations or just the need for some good old fashioned encouragement. Vicky is passionate about what she does and gets real satisfaction from seeing her students progress and develop. She seems to revel in being presented with tricky practical issues and coming up with a number of possible solutions which are mentally and creatively inspiring, if sometimes a little challenging. I look forward to the end of September and the start of the new course, when I have some new tricky practical issues to present :-) " Kate


"Great silver jewellery making courses! Great experience! The tutor (Vicky Forrester) is a fantastic and very experienced jeweller herself. She will work together with you and guide you during the designing and making stages to ensure that you feel confident about your work. She will make sure to discuss possible flaws to your design and will help you find solutions for them. She will cover step by step how to approach your work and supervise whilst you do it, allowing you to gain the first hand experience that you need, but making sure you produce something you will feel proud of. Most of the tools will be there for you to borrow if you don't have them, and you can also buy materials and resources from Vicky should you run out of forget to bring them yourself! Student life: Fantastic! A really good opportunity to discuss and show your work to other people, as well as seeing other people's ideas and desings. And yes, we do meet from time to time after the course for a few drinks too! Hope to see you there soon!" Francis x

At Flux we have some of the best Jewellery workshop facilities in London Get inspired at the many jewellery exhibitions we put on here Meet great people at Flux Studios through our jewellery courses

"Make jewellery well, have fun, make friends! The tutor has a thorough knowledge and experience in jewellery making, she helps you to achieve great results and helps you explore your own ideas and individuality. The classes are informal and fun and very productive. The course is great value for money. The studio is well equipped and there are plenty of tools to share. The library of reference books can be a great source of ideas and the class discussions are also good for stimulation of ideas. Each session is productive and great fun, the group work in a very relaxed and happy environment. We socialise by attending exhibitions together and sometimes shop in Hatton garden for supplies." B


"Fantastic Course..Plenty of scope to develop your own designs plus teaching in wide range of jewellery skills. Teacher is an experienced jeweller, very enthusiastic and encourages creativity among her students. Well equipped jewellery studio. Good atmosphere in the classes. " L

ring making workshops making beads and pendants from copper and silver learn casting techniques for jewellery

"Excellent course a must for silver jewellery ! You get your great value for money, and more. the teacher is excellent and is always more than ready to help and give advice. she always encourages you to develop in all the aspects of jewellery making, and has great passion. I always looked forward to my next class. The studio was made for the pupils in mind. We have access to all equipment, and are taught to use and respect all equip. what we don't know how to use the teacher is more than willing to teach. I looked forward to every session, great atmosphere! I made lots of friends for life and keep in touch with everyone from my class. We regularly chat on the phone and meet up for jewellery making sessions at each others homes. teacher is great, you will always have fun as well as learning everything as she pushes you to develop and learn!" Zara

Excellent course, amazing resources for the beginner level, much thanks for the experience! Chris


Teaching – Always well explained and demonstrated. Individual support always there Fun - Lovely people on the course as well as working in the studio Satisfaction with result – Very happy – never thought I could do this quality of work. I have been able to make 2 pieces of jewellery that have exceeded my expectations. The amount of teaching, help and support has been incredible. Thanks “ Sally

Really helped my confidence in working with metal and I have been able to achieve so much more than I thought. Great teaching: Learnt about new materials an workshop skills. John

Flux Studios. Learn to make and design silver jewellery. Students at work in the studio. Read course reviews and teLearn how to work safely in the jewellery workshopstimonials here. Make long lasting friendshis with like minded people through our inspiring and entertaining jewellery classes. Family workshops in silver jewellery making

I have learnt so much about different techniques and am delighted with my results. Joyce

All sorts of new techniques, leaving me wanting to do more! Teaching – no question or request too simple facilities – lovely place – great lunch! ” Sue

Clear instructions very informative for a beginner I learnt a lot. The tutors were very good and made sure we all produced finished pieces to a high standard - Nadine



Wonderful teachers, lovely environment and I came out of it not just with a new ring but a new technique I can be creative with. Also the calm environment, quite peaceful, it's lovely. Carly

Wonderful class, Ive learnt so much and I've made a beautiful ring with the tube setting which I'm very proud of. Both Barbora and Vicky you are amazing, thankyou both for your help and patience. Joanne

Flux Studios. Learn to make and design silver jewellery. Examples of work by students. Read course reviews and temake rings, pendants, bangles, earrings brooches, chainsstimonials here. learn how to set stones and design great jewellery recycle your old jewellery and turn it into something really precious!

I had such a great weekend, thank you so much I loved the workshop and the teachers were so patient and helpful I can't thank you enough I am so happy with how I have spent this weekend and everything I've learnt and all the help and patience form Vicky and Barbora. I will definitely come again (even if this idea is a nightmare to you Ha!) Sadie

Words fail to express the enjoyment but my rings didn't fail me! Wishing all weekends were like this!” Viktoria

“Amazed at how much I've learnt. Thank you for your patience and friendliness. Really pleased. Especially pleased about how much I learnt about properties of metals, how to soften them, what hardens them. Fascinating I will look into them more”. Nuala