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Bev Holden

'Too much is not enough'

I am a studio Jeweller working out of the innovative Flux studios in Camberwell.   My jewellery is inspired by a lifetime of creativity in architecture, fashion and art.   I like to think that my jewellery empowers the people who wear it through its boldness and structure.   It portrays an immediate visual imprint on the people who see it, stimulates a conversation point when you enter a room yet at the same time is always comfortable and compatible to wear.

All my pieces are individually handmade so there are no two identical pieces.   This ensures that when I am working directly with a client they know that the jewellery I create for them is totally unique.   I also have a number of themed collections which can be used to inspire you to wear my jewellery.

Bev Holden, contemporary jewellery, planetary neckpiece
Bev Holden, contemporary jewellery, jigsaw nexkpiece
Bev Holden, contemporary jewellery, box neckpiece
Bev Holden, contemporary jewellery, twist neckpiece
Bev Holden, contemporary jewellery, felt
Bev Holden, contemporary jewellery, opalescent set
Bev Holden, contemporary jewellery

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