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Carolann Jones

Design Philosophy

Inspiration for my jewellery comes from my background as a dressmaker; initially I wanted to design and make jewellery to enhance my collections, and my approach has evolved to explore ways in which I can actually incorporate my dressmaking skills in to my designs. I enjoy experimenting in metal with these textile techniques, also exploring how I can introduce colour into my jewellery

My jewellery appeals to a broad range of wearers who appreciate the elegant simplicity of my designs. Each piece is hand crafted and finished with an emphasis on quality. My inspiration seems to come from the landscape, floral and fauna. Most recently I have been experimenting with linkage techniques and how to create fluidity in my designs through innovative joining methods.

Flux Member September 2008 - March 2010

Carolann Jones, handmade chains
Carolann Jones, crochet bracelet with aqua
Carolann Jones, crochet bracelet with peridot
Carolann Jones, silver and crochet choker
All images copyright 2008. Carolann Jones

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