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Jewellery Studio Membership Scheme.

The Flux Membership scheme offers daily access to one of the best equipped jewellery studios on London. This package allows members to use all facilities as they would their own studio.

Membership gives you open access to the facilities at any time of day or night . Given this 24/7 access to our fantastic facilities this monthly fee works out at a very reasonable cost of £8 per day.

The studio is open plan and is a friendly space which fosters a great work ethic. The studio is well lit, it has a toilet, kitchen, and small chill-out area. It is fully equipped with specialist jewellery tools and equipment. (See below.) This is suitable for anyone wanting to get on with the business of making jewellery. By joining you get access to the studio and all the equipment.

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to the studios 24hrs / 7 days per week (with occasional restrictions)
  • Inclusive use of all tools and equipment and desks. (see list below)
  • Studio business rates included.
  • Electricity bills included.
  • Opportunities to show in Open Studio events..
  • Promotion and networking via  Flux activities and initiatives.
  • Chill out area, wifi, library, sofa, kitchen facilities, sink and toilet.
  • Access to additional tuition, courses and classes.

Pricing Plan

  • Membership is £235 inclusive per month.
  • Membership requires your commitment to a minimum 3 month contract.

If you would like to join Flux studios please contact info@fluxstudios.org

the best equipped jewellery studios in London to make your own jewellery. We provide roomy jewellery benches at Flux Studios The best equipped independent jewellery studios in London. Membership at Flux Studios gives jewellers access to our fantastic facilities at any time of day or night


16 roomy workbenches
Hot-work area; 3 x Seivert (propane) torches – v large to v small flame; 1x Smith's Little torch
5x butane mini torches
Pickling and wet-work area
Ultrasonic tank
All basic hand tools – pegs /saws /files /measuring and marking tools /pliers /doming punches + blocks / vice / mandrels / drawplates / mallets / hammers / extensive selection of stakes etc etc.
Barrel and bench polishers
Ring stretcher
Rolling mills
2 Pillar drills
2 Pendant drills
Drawbench and drawplates
Relaxation area, tea/coffee
Studio lightbox for photographing jewellery
Beautiful natural light
Wifi and standard office equipment including computer (Mac,with adobe creative suite) /scan/print facilities
Extensive selection of reference books relating to jewellery techniques and art /design

Flux Jewellery Studios- great atmosphere The best equipped independent jewellery studios in London.
Flux members are working together to ptomote their jewelleryto Flux membership helps to develop audiences for your jewellery business
Flux membership gives jewellers the opportunity to exhibit Jewellers at Flux Studios present their work in many different contexts

Flux Studios:The best equipped independent jewellery studio in London.